Becoming a Radio Amateur


Do It Yourself 5 WPM Morse Course

Note: In the following specific reference is made to the MorseCat morse trainer. This is simply because this is the trainer I mostly worked with. You may have a different trainer which may be more recent or better. If so, simply adapt the following to your trainer.

That's all there is to it. Combine your 5 WPM morse results with AOCP theory and regulations and you'll have full access to all Australian Amateur frequencies.

73s, and I'll hear you on air!

Note 1: MorseCat may have trouble finding your sound card if you have a late model PCI sound card or on-board sound chip. This is because the software doesn't use Win9X's sound system but relies on old-style DOS calls to fixed addresses. If this happens MorseCat simply uses the PC speaker, which also works quite well.